Lakeside Plaza is professionally managed and the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. We have on-site security and are monitored by a camera system. If you are a guest spending the night, please obtain a parking permit from the Front Desk, as towing is enforced overnight. We are a pet friendly community, however your pets must be registered and follow all of the Fairfax county rules for ownership, and leash laws.

How we work together

Lakeside invites all residents to join a committee, and help keep Lakeside a community where residents are connected and encouraged to take an active role in making it an awesome place to live.

Board of Directors

There are five members of the Board, each serving a three-year term.

Social Committee

Each week the Social Committee opens the doors of the Community Room and puts on a morning celebration! Sometimes it is a full brunch, and sometimes a pot luck -- the member in charge chooses the menu. This committee plans many activities and some outings open to the whole community. Please visit the Community Events page in the sub-menu of this "Community" link for more information.

Green Committee

Lakeside looks toward the future and has a group of committed volunteers that work to keep our community green and efficient.

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Lakeside Plaza

Landscape Committee

Lakeside is surrounded by trees and a park. We take pride in our property, and the Landscape Committee monitors the grounds and makes suggestions and proposals to the Board to keep our property beautiful.

Community Forum

Every community needs a place where they can be heard. This is an  independent, resident lead committee that is recognized by the board. The Community Forum is a place where you can ask questions of your neighbors, share ideas, solve problems, make compliments, and work out issues. The Forum has a chairperson who moderates the meetings, notes the topics discussed, and reports the findings to the Manager and the Board of Directors.

Neighborhood Liaison

Lakeside has residents interested in making sure we are connected to the county and our neighbors. These volunteers attend county meetings and report back to us at the monthly board meetings.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact the management office for contact information.

Email the Manager