Lakeside Plaza

 - Building Notices

​With the increasing possibility of contracting the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, Management and the Board wants all of us to be healthy and safe, and are providing guidance and taking the steps outlined below:

  • If you have no real business that requires you to have to go into the Management Office and or Front Desk, please don’t visit.  We need to minimize social interactions, to the Management Office and Front Desk.  Call or email us if you need us.
  • You are encouraged to follow the widely reported hygiene practices regarding hand washing, covering sneezes and coughs, and other common precautions. CDC Coronavirus precautionary guidance will be posted in common areas.
  • Social Distancing, that is, avoiding close contact with people outside your immediate family, is encouraged.
  •  If you are not feeling well, experiencing flu-like symptoms, have a compromised immune system, or a pre-existing condition, please seek medical advice and stay home.
  • Building staff will be cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces around the building multiple times during the day.
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in elevator landing and the front desk and will be replenished based on availability.
  •  Maintenance in residents’ apartments will continue to be scheduled and performed as needed.

Handling of packages and other deliveries:

  • Front Desk staff will wear disposable protective gloves when checking in packages
  • Residents should follow hand washing protocol when receiving and after opening deliveries
  • In lieu of residents signing for deliveries, their photo will be taken
  • Residents experiencing illness should contact their physician and self-quarantine in their apartment.

We are all in this together, and your adherence to social distancing and established hygiene practices regarding hand washing, covering sneezes and coughs, and other common precautions will not only help keep you healthy, but will help to keep your neighbors healthy.  If you are experiencing symptoms, please seek medical  advice. 

Thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation while we get through this Health Crisis.
Lakeside Plaza Management Team

In an effort to ensure you are receiving accurate and timely information, Fairfax County has created a webpage that includes updated information and community resources at You can also view the emergency blog, and stay in touch using the County’s social media platforms and through text messaging (Text FFXCOVID to 888777 to receive updates).